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Dreamgirls NSMT

Dreams do come true! Destinee Rea got to portray the role of Lorrell Robinson with the amazing director Nick Kenkel and all-star cast to tell an incredible story of fame, success, and the up-downs of show biz in North Shore Music Theatre Dreamgirls. Check out the footage and reviews below:


"Destinee sends chills up your spine with her fabulous voice in the argument segment which includes "Ain't No Party" and "Quintette". Lorrell is a hilarious as the free spirit in Act 1 and becomes more serious in Act 2." -Tony Annicone THEATRE MIRROR / STAGEVITA

"The capable and compelling Destinee Rea rounds out the trio with a spunky albeit silly performance as the loveable Lorell." - by Keith Spencer NoBo Magazine "If the stage is full of wonders, so is the cast - blessed with amazing singing voices - every last one of them...Destinee Rea is adorable as Lorrell, the Dreamgirls' youngest singer and biggest cheerleader. Once again, as shown whenever she is given a solo, she has a great singing voice."- Sally Applegate WICKED LOCAL "The strength of this production lies in Kenkel's attention to that character development, with details that include ... Rea's nuanced performance as a loyal backup singer who learns to grow up and move on from an ill-fated affair." -Terry Byrne THE BOSTON GLOBE

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