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Dorothy in Maltz Jupiters The Wiz

Destinee Rea had the pleasure of playing her dream role with an amazing cast and creative team at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre! Check out the amazing footage and reviews:


"...Surprisingly, the cast does not get lost in all these special effects. In fact, agents should fly in to see the breakout performance of Destinee Rea as Dorothy. Just as Stephanie Mills made her rep in the original cast, Rea beguiles the audience with mezzo-soprano pipes that can be as tentative as a frightened young girl in a strange land or blast the back of the house with full-throated yearnings about wanting to go home. The 20-something Rea is only 5-foot tall, but her warm glowing eyes and toothy 400-watt grin make her seem much larger. She doesn’t get a solo until the fourth song in the show, but when she does, some kind of light illuminates her from the inside. When she sings the moving finale “Home,” no one notices that she is closing this spectacle standing alone in front of a black backdrop." -Bill Hirschman "Florida theatre on stage "...However, the star of the show (and rightly so), was Dorothy, played by Destinee Rea. She comes to the Maltz Jupiter Theatre after earning a degree in musical theatre from Sam Houston State University. Her performance was such a spectacle, considering that the mere volume of her voice would suggest that of a much bigger person rather than the reality of a fairly tiny girl; just a perfectly-cast member to the production. It was so welcoming to watch her smile from ear-to-ear throughout the entire production, whether singing or dancing. Her obvious joy resonated with all of us in the audience; we couldn’t help but gleam, as well."- Gale Shapiro "SOuth Florida Insider" "...With all of this outstanding talent, you just wonder how Dorothy, our heroine, can possible match up – and then you witness the dazzling 10,000 watt smile of Destinee Rea: a triple threat star who shines so brightly that she can be seen from outer space." - Jan Davisson "WJTW 103.9 FM" "...Destinee Rea stole hearts and minds as Dorothy; a charming sweet actress, she belted out her songs with ease and won enormous applause at the end for her leading role." - Rex Hearn "Seabreeze Publications online"

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